portrait of Rosa Marie Frang

Foto: Birk Thomassen, 2024.

My artistic practice is performative within the documentary genre. It consists of audio documentaries and text based works published, placed or performed in different public and mass-mediated spaces. My art practice should foremost be considered as time-based public art.

I was born 1975 in Denmark, by a Danish mother and Canadian/Norwegian father. Today I live and work primarily in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am educated from The Fynen Art Academy (DK) and The Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University, Sweden, and hold a Master of Fine Arts and Post-Master of Fine Arts degree.

In addition to this I am educated in media production from the national public-service broadcasting company Danmarks Radio’stalent program, and for approximately 6 years I was associated to Radio24syv Documentary (national public-service radio station) where I was coached by radio documentary professionals. I have received grants from, among others, The Danish Arts Foundation, The Norwegian Fritt Ord Foundation, The Niels Wessel Bagge Art Foundation’s honorary grant, and the official Danish media prize, The Prix Radio Prize - Innovation of the year for the audio-documentary Rosa’s Reality Radio.

I appreciate and have extensive experience in teaching and doing workshops, talks, panel debates, and taking part in the general public debate – so feel free to reach out.